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MSS Training Academy Security Guard Training

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Our staff of instructors follow the New York State DCJS approved lesson plans.
The instructors combined have over sixty years of law enforcement and private security experience.
Our course of instruction is delivered in a professional and comfortable environment.
The course of instruction is supplemented with visual aids and text workbooks that each student receives.


Phone: 917-841-8009


250 Fulton Ave (Room M-106) Hempstead NY, 11550


  • Anonym: Joe (
    23/04/14 01:43

     I personally having a problem with this place. They took $120 from me and told me they would send my 8 hr annual to division of license ,actually paid for two cause I needed two. Anyway I have no guard license this year and it has expired because these guys screwed up. Now Im trying to figure out if these guys are legit? or will they correct issue? They supposely sent an email upstate to correct a problem, but I personally emailed them and they told me they not recieve my 8hr completion.  So now im back to square one with these people and still out $120. Im trying to still see if they are legit? Not my job to send info upstate its there job and they screwed up? Or they lost there license is revoked to run a school?

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